Typographic exploration 
  Lost Communication
This project is an exploration of type through the idea of lost communication emphasizing the idea of nonverbal communication being a lost practice. Communicating with individuals is an experience within itself, but to direct my research to a point of specificity, I was presented with the experience of asking someone for directions.

This project is influenced by a map like form highlighting the voids that exist within the dialogue between two people asking for directions. The use of arrows emphasizes directional language while the contrast in styles and weights of typefaces allows for variation. The sleeve serves as a navigational tool to guide the viewer through the content and becomes a how-to guide on ways to use nonverbal communication. The collaged visual conveys the feeling of things being disconnected and how it can appear to be something great when pieced together. Excerpts of writings from a book by Simon Gray titled, Cavemen with Cell Phones is scattered throughout the dialogue as a common thread of my research.

This project is encompassed by the phrase, Excuse Me.